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good evening. i'm dan ashley. the frustration among homeowners is pal pable in san bruno tonight. growing concern about the
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safety of pq and e's entire pipeline system. >> everybody wants them moved. it is too dangles. >> for 32 years they have lived near the gas transmission line that exploded last week and like most of their neighbors they had no idea that home was on top of a ticking time bomb. now, that they do know, they want to know more. >> do you have questions? >> nobody will answer them. >> reporter: many neighbors want to know exactly where the gasline runs and why the 30-inch pipe didn't have an automatic shutoff valve and where exactly in the state the 100 most dangerous lines are located. a list that so far pg and e has refused to make public. he is one of the legislators trying to get a list of the high risk pipelines with no success. he is proprosing ledge lakes to
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require them to install automatic shut off valves. it took nearly two hours to shut off the gas as flames raged through the neighborhood. >> they should have and must have a remote ability to turn a off. if they have that the fire could have been off sooner which could have saved lives and property damage. >> reporter: they are investigating why the line like many of its size had a manual shutoff. >> that is one of the issues we will be exploring. this is large pipeline and pipes of that size the automatic shutoff valves are difficult to accomplish. >> pg and e says it won't make the gas list public because of security concerns. they do want the public to know that the work hes tried to save lives a low temperature of things going on and they had to get here as quickly as they could. they went to the sites as lves asy as they could and
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quickly as they could. >> reporter: the ntsb is still investigating exactly what caused the explosion out here whether it was seismic activity or erosion or even someone drilling into the ground. all of the factors remain a possibility at this point. as for that pipe, it is currently en route to washington, d.c. where it is expected to arrive tomorrow to begin forensic testing. reporting in san bruno, cecelia vega, abc 7 news. governor schwarzenegger paid his first visit to the disaster site today. damage now estimated at $38 million. the governor was on a trade mission to asia when the blast happened. >> it is a reality now, you know. >> this was also the first day all residents whose homes were destroyed were allowed back to salvage whatever they could. they had to wear white protective gear and could only stay a couple of hours. >> this starts the healing practice seeing it gone now. i mean my car is destroyed. hood melted in. wheels melted off.
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>> one thing that did not melt, this safe from someone's house. firefighters used a heavy duty saw to open it. the contents much of it apparently jewelry relatively intact but the owners delighted, of course, to get it back. a story of heroism coming out of the tragedy. the san mateo board of supervisors is planning to honor three men who rescued six elderly women from a site when the care taker abandoned them. >> these men rushed in as so many others rushed out. >> sounded like the world was ending above the treeline up there while my tad and dad ane in our backyard. >> bob and his dad and a man named frank descended to see who needed help. show stumbled into a home with six women all in their 80s and 90s none able to make it
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out on their own. >> i ran and got one lady and we walked down the hallway and saw another and another and one by one grabbed them and got them out. >> there was one woman still in the house mary sweeney. her son found out about the heroism later, hours later. >> a tough few hours not knowing whether she was alive or dead. >> it wasn't until my dad said let's go back and check one last time and make sure that we got everybody in this row of houses that he went in and found her and came and yelled to me to help him. we lifted her up and all three of us my dad frank and i and put her in wheel chair and we lifted her up and threw her into the car. >> the three heros didn't know that she has great deal of fire breathing and it wasn't just fire that could have killed her. >> smoke inhalation could have skilled my mom.
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insurance investigators were at the home interviewing the owner. >> all i can say. i just want to thank the people who saved all the people in here, that is all i can say, okay. >> again, he is speaking about the three good samaritans who rushed in to help when the care taker took off. we are going to have more on the fire including accusations that pg and e delayed repair work on the pipeline but for the moment we are going to move on. oakland police is moving forward with plans to buy 350 tiny video cameras for officers to wear on their uni forms. so far, 15 officers are testing the devices out in the field. they clip on and record audio and video when the cover is opened. the material is recorded on an internal hard drive and then uploaded to a server at the end of each shift. officers actually support the new gadget. >> the officer can go out with
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the security knowing if any one alleges any type of misconduct the officer has the video of the incident of the interaction with that person that will clearly show whether or not the officer did engage in that misconduct. >> the cameras will replace those mounted on police cars. using money already collected for the spat system plus federal funding. the price tag is more than half a million dollars but cheaper than the video systems mounted in police cars. also in oakland, a controversial gang injunction has been in effect in north oakland for three months and now one of its most vocal opponents is in jail. abc 7's laura anthony has this story that you will see only from 7. >> i never been involved in any gangs. >> reporter: in june, we found yancy working in his yard and objecting to his name being included on a list of 15 known gang members in north oakland. >> no tatoos. i never been arrested with any
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of the guys on the list. i don't even hang with the guys on the list. >> reporter: his attorney served papers saying the gang injunction was unconstitutional. officers say they found a loaded stolen .38 handgun. >> demonstrates that he was giving the media a dog and pony show during the injunction. >> reporter: the oakland city attorney also citeds prior convictions and four pending cases for justification of inclusion on the list. drug possession, drug sales and hitting a girlfriend on the head with a machine gun. >> even if one insists that all of the assert,s made regarding the gang membership are true he still would have a constitutional right to be in a gang and to support gang activity. >> by the police department's own count, violent crime has gone up this summer in north oakland including two homicides
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compared with last year. >> crime always goes up in the summer. it is too early to make a judgment as to how effective the injunction has been on a macro scale. >> reporter: besides young, two others on the list have been arrested but for offenses unrelated to the injunction. police say one other effect of the injunction of the 15 known bang members on the list some have left the area. >> not hanging out like they used to. the streets are quieter. >> reporter: even with her client in jail the fight again the gang injunction with continue. a man who got into a shootout with the highway patrol. >> i have no intention to have a confrontation with police. that is a misconception. who the the shooter says he was really after and why. craigslist tells congress it is out of the adult services
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business and then issues a warning. i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. the warming trend continues tomorrow but a chance of so weekend rain. i will give you a closeup look in the accuweather forecast coming up. also tonight, he could be called the king of pullups. the bay area native pulling the bay area native pulling himself up.?o?oxw?w?oó
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but what reallhappened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assrtion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took crit for the fact that the people of california votedor proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as govnor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell thpeople the truth.
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craigslist well known for its free online ad told the house judiciary it it will not relaunch adult services section. the committee is investigating child sex trafficking. san francisco based craigslist says it has been aggressive in trying to stop child exploitation by reporting suspicious ads to the national center for missing and exploited children but congress woman jackie spear says that is not enough to fight a growing epidemic. >> perpetrators have a child at their doorstep with the click of a button. between 2004 and 2008 child sex trafficking complaints originating from the internet actually grew by 1,000%.
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>> craigslist told the house panel that people who want to advertise sexual services will turn to other less scrupulous sites. new information about a man arrested for a shootout with the highway patrol on 580 in oakland. the man stays he hoped to start a revolution by killing liberal activists. we obtained tapes of a jailhouse interview with byron williams. vick havinvic lee has the stor. >> reporter: in the early morning hours of undersunday july 18 byron williams was injured during a shootout with chp on interstate 580 in oakland. officers made a traffic stop after watching williams weave through lanes with excessive speeds. the exchange of gun fire ripped through the metal and glass of chp cars. in the jailhouse interview williams says he wasn't speeding and that he fired back in self-defense. >> i had no intention of
9:15 pm
getting confrontational with police. that is a misconception. my that my intent was to get in fights with police. >> the chp used a robot to restrive evidence like this mysterious binder. williams says it did not contain a hit list, only examples of corruption in government and business. >> i believe that the entrenchment of corruption is so deep that the special interests and the progressive two sided, you know, two twin faced god of babylon is going to prevail. >> williams at first admits he was on a mission to kill people at two nonprofits in san francisco, the aclu and the tides foundation a group that promotes progressive social changes. the plan was to wait outside the offenses until monday morning when workers would arrive. he says tides is funded by liberal philanthropist george
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soros. >> retribution was called for the tide or anybody working for george soros by taking out 11 people. >> 11 murders to avenge the 11 workers killed in the bp oil explosion in the gulf last april. in a second interview a week later williams waivers. >> that was two days away. there was a good chance sitting around on a sunday afternoon in the middle of a city that i don't know really well, i might have just decided to go them. >> williams now has regrets but not because of what he was planning to do. >> you know, actually i regret it only because of the condition that i'm in and the pain that i put on my mother but i'm 100% convinced that we cannot beat the system of corruption. >> reporter: williams is charged with several counts of attempted murder of police officers and other felony crimes. the tides foundation referred us to its website which says
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"this is a reminder of the intolerant climate created by the demogogs and fear mongering pundits of the right wing." you notice it has been warming up the last couple of days. finally feeling sum summer like as summer ends down. >> going to end pretty soon. >> a view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville and looking at parts of emeryville. hint of low clouds and fog over near the coastline there. not a lot at the moment but we do expect it to thicken during the overnight hours. a look at the current temperature readings. 74 degrees in antioch. mild in some parts of the inland east bay. most other locations showing temperatures in the 50s and 60s. pleasantly mild all around the bay area. another mild to warm day tomorrow. coastal drizzle is likely on friday morning and then a chance of rain over the weekend. here is our pacific satellite
9:18 pm
image showing a series of weak disturbances riding the jetstream. not a major storm here at all but we probably will get enough of a disturbance in our area to produce light rainfall. the ridge of high pressure that has broughting the lovely weather holds on for one more day bringing us sunny skies and warm conditions tomorrow. starting at 11:00 tonight the system sad vancein advancing te coastline. by friday morning a little bit of coastal drizzle. saturday during the overnight hours the front pushes through. overnight saturday night into sunday morning could be a little more rainfall. in fact, even into sunday afternoon and then it will all dry out. overnight tonight we will see some fog and low clouds pushing locally inland. perhaps not too far across the bay. low temperatures in the 50s. up in clover dale we may see a
9:19 pm
low of 49 degrees. tomorrow shaping up to be another sunny and mild day in the south bay. high temperatures in the upper 70s. 78 san jose. 80 degrees in los gatos. low 60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. around san francisco highs of 63 in the sunset district. 68 degrees downtown. 66 south san francisco. in the north bay warming up nicely. 77 san rafael. 88 at ukiah. in the near east bay highs mainly in the 70s from the low 70s at berkeley and oakland to upper to mid to upper 70s at union city, fremont and castro valley. over the hills into the inland valleys mid 80s inching up into the upper 80s at brentwood where we expect a high of 87 degrees. 68 monterey. 75 santa cruz and low 80s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast. after one more day of warming up a little cooling down on
9:20 pm
friday and perhaps coastal drizzle and cooler over the weekend. inland highs only in the 70s on saturday and sunday with a chance of some light rain each day, both days. then we start to warm up again monday and tuesday and wednesday at 8:09 p.m. fall officially arrives. the autumnal equinox occurs. >> and that's all she wrote. summer's over. >> it's phone. >> feels like it never arrived. >> thanks. >> coming up here next, jerry brown rings the bell. >> when public officials enrich themselves with obscene salaries. >> the attorney general's big crackdown on one of america's smallest towns. a food fight of a different kind. kind. up next, the store
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a lawsuit has now been filed againstite former and current city officials in the scandal plagued community of bell in southern california attorney general jerry brown is accusing the leader is of fraud and conspiracy and ordering them to return hundreds of thousands of dollars from their bloated salaries. >> the city council and city administrator and other officials abused their public trust and engaged in a collaboration which constitutes a civil conspiracy that defrauded the public and enriched themselves. >> the former city manager was being paid nearly $800,000 to lead the blue collar los angeles county community. an unusual food fight is underway in san francisco. a north beach business may have to shut down because the owners are accused of not selling what they were licensed to sell. carolyn tee lette tyler explaie
9:25 pm
problem. >> reporter: it is but what about milk and meat? the nearly 6,000 square foot market in north beach was licensed by the city back in 2007 as a grocery store with a small self-service restaurant and area to serve wine and beer. but sal and his business partner dumped the groceries. >> we found out within about 90 days that groceries just they were not going anywhere. they just were not selling. >> reporter: he says there is fresh produce just steps away in chinatown and two supermarkets a short drive. >> we were thinking of survival as how to keep the doors open. i think that is the reason why we, you know, we altered what we were selling. >> there was no attempt ever, ever to be a grocery store. >> reporter: kathleen is a member of the north beach merchants association. >> tell us what you really want to do.
9:26 pm
if you want to be a 6,000 square foot liquor store, just tell us. >> reporter: would that have been acceptable? >> absolutely not. >> it. >> reporter: it wasn't dooley but someone tipped off the planning commission. the mayor sympathizes with them. >> you have to understand the rules that govern. you went in under certain expectations. >> reporter: if tomorrow's hearing doesn't go their way, the owners say they will probably call it quits. and 22 people will be out of work. >> are we going to fight city hall? absolutely not. there is no purpose. >> reporter: he warns the market could become another of the vacant buildings in north beach. in san francisco, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight, meg whitman's big political investments. the record she is setting as she puts her sight on running one of the worlds this largest
9:27 pm
economies. also the states now lining up to sue california over its landmark climate change law. and reality of rebuilding. a closer look at the rules for the homeowners who want to the homeowners who want to start over inúp p@ barbara bor. she fought to get our veterans the rst full combat care center in califoia. her after school law's keeping a llion kids off the street and out of gangs. anshe's fighting every day to create new jobs. boxer: i'm working to make california theeader in can energy, to jump-start our small businesses
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herand out of gangs.'s keeping a million kids off the street and she's fighting every day to createew jobs. boxer: i'm working to make lifornia the leader in clean energy, to jump-start our smalbusinesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california js. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message because i wa to see the words "made in america" again. good evening, once again. more on the fire in san bruno for just a few minutes. a section of the same pipeline that exploded and burned farther north was supposed to be repaired by pg&e last year but never was. it is located about two miles north of the san bruno rupture in south san francisco. pg&e says is poses a high risk of failure and the utility
9:31 pm
raised gas rates in 2009 to pay for the $5 million improvement project. >> it is incumbent on pg&e and the regulators to get this system back in shape so that, you know, people with rest easily in their homes and not be afraid that they are going to be subject to another incident. >> today, pg&e officials defended themselves saying that sometimes a more urgent situation turns up that has to be fixed first. >> some things happen when we are going down and a year later maybe some other item becomes more emergent that we need to fix. our first priority is to take care of things that may be dangerous today because we want to make sure that everybody is safe. >> the work on that south san francisco section of pipeline is now scheduled to happen in 2013. the san bruno fire victims who lost everything are just
9:32 pm
beginning to cope with the realities of building. the city is doing everything is can to smooth that process. >> reporter: there are two neighborhoods now. they consist of the homes that burned and those that survived. the ones with green tags and american flags. >> luck. >> and the new neighborhood that will inevitably rise from the ashs. >> between now and then like here is your home, you are in the gaza strip but it is okay. >> reporter: but the nature of disaster zones that quickly they back construction zones. the last time they saw anything on this scale, the oakland hills 1991. that night it wasn't a neighborhood that burned but more like a region. not 34 homes but thousands which led to a boom in construction and new homes that often were much grander than those they replaced. it is too early to speculate
9:33 pm
about that across the bay in san bruno. the building department seemed almost desserted but san bruno has a plan in place. >> the mayor and council recently adopted the design guidelines for homes and they lay out give homeowners tips on how to build homes that fit in the scale of their neighborhoods. >> to expedite the building process they will waive the permit fees which usually total $10,000 per home. in practical terms, residents along claremont drive are still picking up the pieces. this process will take awhile but for what it's worth their neighbors in the surviving homes support them. >> they lost a lot of things and i'm sure they would rather have their house the way it was before with all their belongings and stuff that they can't replace. if they get a bigger house out of it, good for them. >> we are going to leave the san bruno fire coverage for a moment and turn to politics. meg whitman set a national
9:34 pm
record for personal financing of a candidate's own political campaign. the republican candidate for governor has now spent $119 million of her own money. that surpasses the previous record of $109 million set last year by new york city mayor michael bloomberg. whitman was asked about her spending today at the san francisco head quarters. >> you have gotten your money's worth from the $119 million so far? >> i believe i have. i have been running for two years. i invested in an entire campaign that i'm delighted with where we are. >> democratic candidate for governor jerry brown called whitman's spending "an unprecedented assault on the democratic process." and even after writing millions in checks to her campaign she is still neck in neck with her democratic rival in the polls. the attorneys general of four states say they may sue to stop californrnia's landmark global warming legislation if
9:35 pm
voters do not do it on their own bypassing prop 23. they are from the kir states of alabama, nebraska,. >> in an exclusive interview schulzs 7, george schultenover explains we i is co-share of the no on prop 23 campaign. >> finally after all these years we are starting to do something about the problems of energy. >> he supports state's greenhouse gas legislation known as ab 32 and says limiting oil consumption is critical. >> what is the money that iran is using to build a nuclear weapon? oil money. and so on around the world. and now we have the climate issues. >> reporter: on the other side, the california hispanic chamber of commerce saying that prop 23 will save jobs. >> 23 will protect large numbers of well paying blue collar union jobs in industries
9:36 pm
most heavily impacted by the new global warming law. >> the argument is that the state's economy is too fragile to be burdened with the global warming regulations of ab 23. >> it is critical to protecting local businesses and local jobs. >> reporter: the other argument expressed by senate candidate carly fiorina is that california alone shouldn't be setting the standards. >> a better solution is a national energy policy that makes sense. >> george supports her bid for the senate but says she is all wrong about prop 23. he believes the golden state is leading from the ground up in the same way that the state led the nation in auto emission standards. >> you can't just wait for the people in washington. we got to do something and groundup works. >> reporter: the nonpartisan legislative analysts offense studied the economic impact and
9:37 pm
found in the short-term there is a negative impact to the economy but describe it as slight. while oil companies in texas and the billion air coke brothers from wichita, kansas, who cut their teeth in the oil industry are contributing to prop 23 chevron oil which is headquartered in is a san ramon, california, so far stayed neutral. more to bring you here tonight. the climb of his life. up next, a couple of people tackle el capitan in yosemite but no one has climbed it quite like this. [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody yeah.
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jerry brown. california needs now.
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♪ god bless america >> as they did on the afternoon of the 9/11 attacks nine years ago, congressional leaders sang. >> bless america on the steps of the capitol today. congress commemorated 9/11 today because they were in recess during the actual emergency. if you can remember back to what the scene was like after 9/11 so powerful and so moving. just about two hours from now, pope benedict will leave the vatican for scotland the start of a four day visit to the unite the kingdom. the first visit by a pope there in 30 years and the first papal state visit since king henry viii broke with rome over a divorce. protests are being planned by gays, secularists and militant
9:42 pm
atheists. >> the catholic community has spenced difficulty with a variety of issues particularly the issues of child abuse. the numbers won't be as big as the last time. fewer people are going to attend some of the celebrations. >> the trip includes a meeting with queen elizabeth and beatfication of a 19th century an. if lo who converted to catholicism. a message in matching a giant spirit to a giant heart. the story of lafayette native steve wompler. >> reporter: steven has cerebral palsy and on sunday left his wheel chair to begin the chime of his life. >> how is it going, man?
9:43 pm
>> long day. 7 hours climbing. >> steve is aiming to become the first person withe cerebral palsy to climb the famed elcap d itian, he trained for a year. a towering challenge. it is not just one empire state building but two. >> today was brutal. >> reporter: and today suspended more than a thousand feet above ground we called him. >> hello, steve. hi, it's david muir in new york. how are you? >> good and you? >> i guess you are just kind of hanging out. >> kind of if you want to call it that. >> reporter: he has been climbing and sleeping on c api tan for three days now. >> more than half way there. >> yes. >> reporter: and none of this is surprising the woman who 15 years ago became steve's wife. >> at first i thought i bet he
9:44 pm
is having a really hard life and i quickly learned that nothing could be farther from the truth. >> he has taught everyone he knows disabilities doesn't have to limit you. this lesson the tallest of all. >> reporter: your wife is going to see this on tv tonight. what do you want to say to her? >> i love you and i can't wait to get up to the top and get off this rock. >> reporter: a laugh from the exhausted climber still pulling himself up tonight. so many of us now pulling for him. >> wompler grew up in lafayette. he is hoping to raise $2 million for his camp for kids with disabilities. the the camp is in lake tay hoe. if you can help we have information on our website. look for it on see it on tv. go steve. pretty impressive. a camel in distress, a goat in trouble. up next, firefighters to the
9:45 pm
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summer about to officially come to an end. just blink and you miss it, right. in spencer christian back with the forecast. take a look. >> we have about six more days of summer left. we will look back on today's high temperature. lovely day. highs of 83 degrees antioch. 82 fairfield. 87 clover dale. 61 san francisco and 67 across the bay in oakland. tomorrow morning at 8:00 we will see some low clouds and some fog mainly around the bay and near the coast. temperatures in the 50s warming up to 60s and 70s by mid day and late afternoon the warmest inland temperatures in the 80s. 60s on the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. one more nice summer like day and a little cooler on friday but still pleasant. chance of coastal drizzle by
9:49 pm
the way friday morning. can cools down over the weekend with clouds and chance of rain. saturday and sunday inland highs only back in the 70s. next week we warm up and next wednesday fall officially arrives. be there when it happens. don't miss it. now, to what only can be called hump day for firefighters in oregon. >> get 'em! >> as you can see, a lot of work went into freeing moses this morning in oregon city. the pet camel and firefighters had to work hard after moses was swallowed up by a sinkhole. glad to say after all of this moses is a-okay. at a ranch in paradise california a different animal rescue after a mountain lion attacks a goat. it wasn't firefighters saving the animal. this time it was a donkey. listen to the owner describe what happened. >> we were sleeping it was
9:50 pm
about 3:00 in the morning and heard a blood curdling scream from the barn area. i shown my light and a mountain lion had our little white goat by the nose and was trying to pull her up out of the pond. i started yelling and waving my hands and nothing is changing. all of a sudden poppy the donkey came running out of the periphery into the spot light and breying with amazing intensity in the face of the mountain lion. her next move was to start running and started running around and whooping it up and hitting him with everything she had. it was amazing how she just laid into him. >> that is a pretty good tale. he says buttermilk and poppy have been inseparable since the attack. both animals are doing just
9:51 pm
fine but butter mill is in poppy abouts debt as you can imagine. a pretty brave donkey. would you believe the giants and dodgers in another pipers duel? you never heard people cheer so much for a broken bat single. larry has all theyççñóçi)ññ
9:52 pm
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you know, i just got this new chase checki account. really? yea, check this out. the's no deposit slips or envelopes. you just take the check and--psshht--rht in there. now chase atms take the worry out making a deposit. so thas it? they got it? duh. oh it's on the receipt. really? do you it ahave 20, or... cash. yea! psshht! voila.
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that's cool. ok let's go. hey, wait. where's my 20? hey, what's up, de? chase checking. welcome to bking with chase. chase what matters. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 they have already been through so much and now new concerns about the health hazards people in the san bruno fire zone could face. we will explore that further for you. what is at risk when you fall in love? those stories and more in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> if you fall in love with the giants heart break the likely outcome. >> and tension. >> almost an exact replica of last night's game but not an exact replica. took the field knowing they had a chance to pick up a full game on first place san diego this
9:55 pm
evening if only they could score a run against the dodgers. joe and jennifer montana trying to stay warm, cool and crisp out there tonight. smoke for the final out of the inning. bottom four. buster down the right field line. andre makes the catch! dodgers play great defense. scoreless into the 7th. against chad billings. giants up 1-0. in the eighth, runners at second and third for pablo sandoval. ground ball. he is safe. 2-0. brian wilson gave up a solo homer but the giants hold on for the victory 2. the padres lost troy, the fremont native did it all by himself. career high. 7 runs batted in. two hits. two three-run homers. this in the third takes
9:56 pm
colorado to a 5-1 lead. homers 22 and 23. the rocks beat san diego 9-6. the giants a half game out of first and a half a game out of the wildcard because atlanta lost. rain delay of almost an hour with the a's and royals. second inning. a's leading 2-0. make it 3-0. over the stands in left field. trevor kale not happy with this at-bat. worked the full count and fouled off three pitches and then hit a grand slam. royals take a 4-3 lead. homering for the second night in a row. the fifth inning. might be the play of the game. cocoa crisp. have no fear, cocoa is here. laying out. and he did not get hurt for a change. 6-3. two on, two out for derek barton. upset with the called third strike that ended the game and he did not want to talk to the ump. 6-3 kc the final score.
9:57 pm
how about a little baseball single-a. derek gibson crashes into the catcher. out. a few seconds of think you're the man. i'm the man. we'll show you. everybody out. full-scale battle royale. like our last meeting in the sports department kind of similar results. a good old fashioned done brook as the old timers would say. you get blah, blah, blah, we will take a one game at a time. the raiders provided almost last week was somehowday. overconfident and that is why they say they got blasted in the opener. that is one of the reasons. jason campbell obviously was a human pinata back there. had a lot to do with it. did not get great protection. heading into the home opener with the rams they definitely received the early wakeup call.
9:58 pm
>> that game taught us a lot because we were getting good press clippings in preseason and a lot of different things and this game here i think it pretty much humbled the team and made us get back to knowing what we need to do to get to where we want to go because it is not going to be handed to you because there are changes mate. we have to go out there and earn is and fight for what we want. >> the silver and black george atkinson became a notre dame son. his sons both committed to play football for the fighting irish. they excel in track and on the gridiron. george on the left here and josh -- george is on the right and josh is on the left. my bad. how could i tell? in fact, you guys would have never known. the twins go to grenada high and gave the commitments to notre dame after watching them play, michigan, last weekend. if you have high school footage, we want to see it.
9:59 pm
upload it to us and it is easy, 7 we will choose the best highlight and air it during after the game on saturday nights. brother versus brother this sunday night. ely manning against big peyton. saying it is not about them or the sibling rivalry. it is all about team. >> it is an honor and privilege to be on the same field as your younger brother and definitely it is a special situation. >> it is not a boxing match. it's the giants versus colts and that is what it is. >> they can say it is not ely versus payton. >> to this day. >> come on. >> do this day i want to dominate my brother. if it's an athletic contest he must go down. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news.

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